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Right Writing Company: Top 7 Writing Services

Choosing the Right Writing Company: Top 7 Writing Services

Hello, students! Welcome. You could be visiting this website for the very first time, the second or you are not even quite sure because you have been doing it for a long time now. Whatever the case, you are at the right place to find professional custom paper writing service.

Why do students need writing help?

They say no man is an island. You will agree with me that the importance of academic assistance to students cannot be underestimated. There are times when students themselves are unable to complete piles of assignments they have and within a given period. Besides that, multiple reasons necessitate paying for custom paper writing services; they include:
  • Simultaneously working and studying - Some students are also working. Sustainability is paramount. The student will have to work on a part-time or a full-time basis to feed their families and pay for the tuition fees.
  • Kids - There are those students who have children. This is an added responsibility which results in divided attention. Both are crucial. At times, therefore, the young mother will opt to spend some quality time with the kid instead of working on the assignments.
  • Leisure – The human mind is not a machine. It needs rest and diversion to rejuvenate. Quite funny, right? But it's right. Continuous learning will, without a shadow of a doubt, weaken their level of understanding and learning capability. To prevent this, students at times need to take some time off from the norm; have some time out and avoid the burnout.

What do students need from a custom paper writing company?

Students do not order pieces of writing just for the sake of it. There are hundreds of firms that offer these services, but your choice is dependent on some factors;
  • Delivery – Student will choose an agency that they are sure will deliver the content upon payment. Beware!! Some scammers pretend to offer high-quality custom paper writing services at small prices. Remember, quality is not cheap. They do not exist. It will do you lots of good not to contact these guys.
  • Language – Students should choose companies that incorporate their native language into the writing. This results in a high-quality paper. In this post, we will exclusively deal with agencies that are based in the UK and US and working with English natives.
  • Non-Disclosure – Privacy is paramount. As a student, you will need all your private financial and personal data to be kept safe. Choose an agency that takes care of this. Leakages could be detrimental in the long run.
The big question is: how are we able to outline the companies that are reliable? We have worked with their writers, and they always come back time and time again. Let's take a look at those that we like and trust the most.


“Last week this site did an amazing job for me by writing all 5 of my essays in just 2 days! Amazing!”Nicolas

I am sure that felt exuberating Nicolas, right? You were lucky. The ultimate results are what matters.  What’s the need of having your paper written by an agency if the quality is poor and delivery way past the deadline? With WriteMyEssay4Me, you are guaranteed a timely delivery without compromising on the quality.

Write my essay for me first allows the customers to take a look at their writers' work. But for what? For them to take a look at the result, analyze the quality and know what to expect I the long run. Also, the customer can comprehend the business in greater detail.

It is an agency that puts the client’s individual and unique requirements at hand. That is why you are needed to submit certain details regarding your assignment. They include;
  • The number of pages
  • The format and style of the content
  • Number of sources
  • The necessary type of sources
  • Topic of your term paper or thesis
  • The deadline
With these details, WriteMyEssay4Me works to suit your needs. The details will, to a large extent, eliminate the need for multiple revisions upon completion as the requirements of the clients have been the guideline. Nonetheless, you are free to submit any additional instructions during the writing process. Your inputs are considered at all stages of the process. To them, your success is their success!


“The service is very responsive and convenient. They are ready to offer you a solution and get to the job right away!” Kris

You are right Kris. We recognize this company with the highest regard and esteem because they are not afraid to work within tight deadlines. Besides, they highly value hard work.  Take for instance an agency dropping your molecular biology paper because the time frame for completion is just 4 hours. Whereas they are not to blame, Pro-Essay-Writer will have it done before the deadline.

Pro-Essay-Writer will deliver content free from mistakes in advance and without neglecting instructions. In cases where there are mistakes, do not panic; just send your paper for revision into a much better version. Furthermore, there will be plenty of time for this, and the content had been completed long before the deadline. With this platform, speed is guaranteed.

They always strive to establish a long lasting relationship with their clients. Quality is essential. Their outstanding services will make you come for their services again. They also understand why students prefer one agency over the other, and this drives them to offer bonuses and discounts of up to 20% to loyal customers. They have dedicated freelancers, and this forms the backbone of success.

Is the deadline highly approaching? Do you need it in advance? Consider having Pro-Essay-Writer do your paper for you from scratch and promptly.

UK Essays

“Would not change anything, customer service outstanding and all pieces of work I have received from your team have been excellent” S.B

S.B just describes the piece of work as excellent. Quite simple, but detailing. Our comprehensive list of custom paper writing companies would not be complete without these British giants. Their revolutionary approach to academic writing and their drive to build a stronger customer community makes them an outstanding source of content.

They provide a broad range of services including;
  • Essay writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Coursework writing
  • Marking services
To them, the most important aspect is quality. Some the most demanding customers have gone on to comment that the output exceeded their expectations. In addition to your written work, you receive the following:
  1. Comprehensive quality report – Explains the quality aspects such as justifying the writers’ choices, flow, evidence to support the ideas in the content, formatting and last but not the least, the justification that the references are correct and accurate.
  2. Plagiarism report – Written work might seem quality, but, if plagiarized, is useless. Every student will need an original paper. A detailed plagiarism report includes information given by the UK Essays’ private version of Viper, an advanced Plagiarism Scanner. This advanced technology enables them to scan through not only other sources but also their database containing previous work.
UK Essays provide tailored and personalized content to fit the customer’s specification and level of study of each student. They will provide you will perfect PhD, Bachelor, Diploma or A-level coursework. They also allow you to provide your initial requirements majorly depending on the purpose of the paper. For instance, for a less valuable content, you don't necessarily have to order an A-level. B will be satisfactory. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the higher the level, then the higher the price. The cost of the paper will considerably decrease.

Warning! UK Essay is not the cheapest commodity on our list. But, with their unmatched academic writing experts, quality preferences and an impeccable reputation, they are best placed to offer high-quality content. Do not worry about the price if you have a massive dissertation.


"… I was very skeptical, regarding the cost and all these plagiarism issues. And even though the papers I got from this site were a little far from ideal, I do manage to polish them myself, and it doesn't take too much time" Katrina

This one from Katrina was a kind of interesting feedback; one that EssayClick had never experienced before. Maybe EssayClick was unlucky here. Writing companies are different and prices vary a lot. This, of course, depends on the priorities of the writer. One student can prefer to pay more for high-quality content that he won't have to go through it again. Another could prefer to spend a little bit less and then take sometime later to edit the assignment personally.

EssayClick is cheap compared to other writing agencies, but still producing exceptional material. Despite the fact that they charge small, they hire experienced writers. To see into this, the recruitment procedure is a strict one. The requirements are strict, and the applicant must first undergo some tests to determine their grammar, spelling and stylistic abilities. It is true to say that a native speaker of a specific language does not necessarily possess an active command of written language.

EssayClick writers are known to possess unmatched knowledge of different assignment structures, critical and analytical skills in addition to being specialists in a given field of work e.g. IT, Literature or geography.

Also, EssayClick motivates their writers to ensure quality at all times. How? By enabling a client to offer benefits and an excellent rating for a job well done. Through this, the writers will strive by each day to reach greater career goals. They are promoted to work on more complicated assignments and earn higher.

Why do we strongly recommend EssayClick? They have a fantastic approach to the writing business. The writers matter as much as the clients. They understand that the writer's satisfaction guarantees high-quality output and consequently a happy customer.


“…I am absolutely happy with the results and definitely going to order more. You have got yourself another regular customer!” Eric

From this comment, you can easily tell that Erick was satisfied. EssayDragon offers original written work in different fields: essays, research papers and dissertations just to name a few. This diversity provides the best option for international students.

EssayDragon understands the needs and requirements of these students in a way that no other does. It is mostly of great help to international students admitted into colleges or universities in the US, UK, Australia or the New Zealand. As a student, independent of your field of specialty and language, you are required to submit term papers. Remember, to your professors; the language used to come up with this material is as important as the content itself. This language aspect makes it harder for international students for the obvious reasons. If it’s not time-consuming, they can consult their tutors in the writing department, have them read the materials and give the necessary advice.

EssayDragon is your best choice to solve this language barrier. Besides writing your paper from scratch, they offer valuable comments and explanations to help you improve your language skills. To them, success is a combination of high grades and confidence.

They charge attractive fees. Unlike most other writing firms, they do not necessarily base this on the number of pages you require. They can create the title, content and the reference page free of charge. Due to this, we highly recommend EssayDragon.


“I was pretty much pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the overall quality of papers that I ordered from these guys. There was hardly any plagiarism (except for cited parts) and the language was pretty decent. I will surely give this site a try once again!” Sean

This is another fantastic company that we must add to our list. But why is WriteMyPaper4Me so successful? It's simple. The achievements can be attributed to the fact that it was created by college students. This shows that history is equally essential. And, who knows better than the students themselves? Know knows more about the world of education than students? Who understands the needs of the students better? No one except the students themselves.

We have worked with this company on many times; 4 to be exact and at no one time have we filed a single complaint. Not because we don't want to but simply because there was none to record.  All the material met our quality standards.

They posses a bunch of paper or thesis writing personnels with an outstanding knowledge of different writing formats: APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian and Chicago just to name a few. This particular expertise means that no double checking for the format is required.

Nonetheless, their access to great literature resources means valuable content delivery. As a student, by now you know that besides the style and language, your lecturer or professor will also evaluate the viability of your citations and references. They should be reliable and accurate. You need not just mention random books to meet the requirements.

With WriteMyPaper4Me, the following is guaranteed-
  • Qualified writers
Writers are the paper developers. They are simply the basis for a quality paper or thesis. So far we haven’t had any bad experience. Their writers are professionals and highly dedicated to each client; whether the paper is less significant or imperative.
  • Authentic material
Are you a student? Always remember that plagiarism is worse than the absence of decent citations. It is a violation of university rules and regulation and can result in immediate dismissal. However, you don’t need to worry anymore. WriteMyPaper4Me have an advanced plagiarism scanning tool to ensure that the final product is unique.
  • Confidentiality
Are you worried about the safety and privacy of your personal information? WriteMyPaper4Me is your place to be.  They maintain their services under strict anonymity. They have a strict non-disclosure policy that ensures the safety of your information. This system also ensures that customer's work is not published online.
  • Refund guarantee
What happens if the quality of work is wanting? We have not been in this situation ourselves. But, we know that some contracts could turn out this way; mostly depending on how precisely the client outlined his requirements. If the low-quality work is delivered and unsatisfactory, the refund policy ensures that the customer gets his money back.


“On time as usual. Satisfied. Thank you. Paper completed according to its structure – timely and precise job! ” Client 152818

With CustomWritings.com, it’s hard to imagine any unsatisfactory results. With their seven years experience, their services are ultimately efficient and 100% abiding by all legal requirements. Are you in need of professional academic advice? Do you have challenges selecting a topic, comprehending new material or arranging content? If yes, consult CustomWritings.com.
We can certainly tell you that this company has exceptional reviews. Not even a single negative feedback or complaints regarding the quality or originality. They offer you unique content that cannot be sold elsewhere. To add to this, they deal with diverse types of assignment and on time.


We hope that this article is helpful and will enable you to choose an outstanding custom writing company that suits your needs. Remember, they higher writers and people are not perfect. These companies are not exclusively perfect. Such is human, right? But one thing is for sure; they will offer you excellent services, and you will score good grades. Trusting your company is important. Remember, all these we listed here are excellent at what they do.


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